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Luxury Wedding Styling by Nefi Décor



You’re probably a fan of Nefi Décor without even knowing it. His work is widespread on Pinterest, tumblr and blogs and it was originally through our own pinning that we came across the wedding of Jeyson and Laurie. We tracked down Nefi as the stylist and discovered more of his tantalising work. The gorgeous people at Axioo Photography captured all the details of Jeyson and Laurie’s day(s)  in Bali and were kind of enough to share it with us! Jeyson and Laurie decided to have their wedding ceremony and wedding reception one week apart, which is probably just as well given the amazing detail that went into each. Although we can’t get enough of real love stories, it was the styling that caught our eye so we thought we’d focus on stylist Nefi to find out more about his luxurious creations and how his work comes about…

What inspires your amazing creations?

The inspiration comes initially when I’m talking/discussing with my clients what they want for their event (can be wedding, birthday or any other party) and also when I see the venue. Then after that usually the idea and design develops accordingly 🙂

Of course it will always comes back to the budget. I can only create an amazing design if there is a budget.

Do you always have a plan or do you plan as you go?

I always have a plan. Certainly the plans change as I go and it is no surprise that on the D-Day I can always add more to make everything perfect

How long did it take you to set up Jeyson & Laurie’s ceremony?

The set up for the tent/clear marquee with hanging wisteria from the ceiling took 2 weeks and the fresh flower arrangements took 2 days. The area for the marquee is about 2000 m2 (square metre)

You have a background in electronic engineering; how has this assisted in the work you are doing now?

I’m very grateful that I have that background which helps me a lot with doing the lighting and any structure design that I incorporate with my design. All those structures and proportional calculation is very important in any design. I’m glad with the engineering background I can solve technical difficulties during the design process.

Talk us through what happens when a couple decides they would like you to design the décor on their wedding day…

Initial meeting is the most important. I will ask them to fill in the wedding form. I’m very fussy in getting all the details, to me,  they are very important. I want to make the Bride and Groom (also the family) happy therefore for me it is very important that I know what they like and dislike. Once they agree to use me as their wedding decorator (and of course we have agreed on the budget) then I will do a layout. Layout is the most important thing. It’s just like building a house. If the layout is not good, then you will feel either it is too empty or too full. The layout will affect the flow of people in getting the food either it is a standing (buffet style) or half buffet meaning that it is a sitting dinner but not served. Bear in mind that the guest list at a wedding party in Indonesia is enormous. The biggest attendance I have done is 7000 guests, and the smallest is 90 guests (foreign client). Once the layout is done, I’ll start sketching the design. Colors, details and accessories must be in sync with the design. I like all the elegant, sophisticated, glamorous and timeless designs. I like to be involved in everything, and if possible to give ideas that will make everything beautiful. Such as the bride’s dress lace can be used for the bridal stage design (to make my design complementing to the bride’s dress) or can be used for the catering’s signage.  Every detail is very crucial in creating a good design. After the sketch is done and the couple has agreed, then I will make a mock up for the flower center piece to make sure the flowers are the right colors chosen and also the right fabric color if there is any fabric draping.

How would you describe Nefi Décor’s services?

I believe that Nefi Décor services includes not only the decoration as a whole (flowers and décor only), but also the attention of the details in every aspect related to the wedding. Most of my clients tell me that I should be a Wedding Organiser/Wedding Planner as well!

Australian brides love to be married in beautiful Bali and we know you’ve been a part of some amazing weddings here – do you have any favourite wedding venues in Bali?

All the wedding venues in Bali are very nice. Most of them are breathtakingly beautiful. It is a decorator’s responsibility to turn any venue into a magical/fairytale dream. It is very challenging to work in a difficult and not so nice venue. I have several venues that I love in Bali such as: Alila Uluwatu, Banyan Tree, The Samaya, Conrad Hotel, The Mulia Bali, Ayana Hotel… Honestly, I love all of the venues in Bali…. 🙂

Would you travel to Australia to style a wedding?

Certainly I would love to do that. That is one of my dreams!

Describe your favourite project…

Personally, each project has my own personal touch in design. Therefore I consider every project special and favorite. I feel honored once my client has decided to use me as their wedding decorator and I consider their wedding as my own.  I want to give the best. I do have a special wedding that I will always remember not only as it was the smallest wedding I’ve ever done (90 guests) but also it was the most expensive wedding that I have ever done (calculating the décor cost divided by total guests). I had never met the bride and groom until the D-Day. The Bride and Groom lived outside Indonesia and this wedding party was given to them as a gift. All the guests came in to Bali with private jets. I made a colossal wedding ceremony and the reception was held in a clear marquee, white flooring and traditional Indonesian flower arrangements. I also set up a marquee for after party where they had 3 DJs from New York and Shanghai.

Check out all the details of Jeyson & Laurie’s wedding below…


Special thanks to Nefi of Nefi Décor for sharing with us and to Axioo Photography for supplying images of Jeyson and Laurie’s wedding.

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