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Treasure Trove – LUXURY WEDDINGS VOL. 9 Jewellery Shoot BTS


Be captivated by the sparkle of alluring engagement rings and brilliant bridal jewellery in this #BTS peek at the new Luxury Weddings Magazine – out now!

There’s one word that sums up this bridal jewellery photoshoot in the latestt Luxury Weddings Magazine: dazzling! The ‘Treasure Trove’ luxury jewellery editorial brings syou an array of engagement rings and sparkling masterpieces to complete your bridal look. These pieces are heirlooms in the making and will be treasured for more than a lifetime.

A variety of styles featuring freshwater pearls, classic white diamonds and colourful gems gives brides with different styles a myriad of styling ideas.

We believe these beauties shine brightest in motion. See how they capture glimmers of light in these stunning behind-the-scenes videos here.

Stone Worship – A Bridal Jewellery Editorial


Let the artisans of amour make your heart pound with these alluring creations. Adorn yourself with the finest jewels and most precious metals.

These are heirlooms in the making. Symbols of love to be appreciated and adored.

Get ready to sparkle on your wedding day in bridal jewellery that’s more brilliant and beautiful than you could ever possibly imagine.

Wedding dress optional.

IMG_8101 (final)_CHRC

Jewellery Calleija Gown Bizzaro Bridal Couture

IMG_8484 (final)_CHRC

Jewellery Fairfax & Roberts Gown Crocé & Colosimo Couture

IMG_8401 Revised (final)_CHRC

Jewellery Gregory Jewellers

IMG_8379 (final)_CHRC

Jewellery Gregory Jewellers

IMG_8242 (final)_CHRC

Jewellery Calleija

IMG_7888 (final)_CHRC

Jewellery Fairfax & Roberts Camisole Tanya Didenko Bridal Couture

Photographer Justin Aveling Stylists Kimberlee Kessler & Rosemary Slade Hair Stylist Monica McGowan, Wild Life Hair Makeup Artist Julie Elton Photographer’s Assistant Paul McMillan

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