An Interview with Fashion Designer Jennifer Regan

An Interview with Fashion Designer Jennifer Regan


Jennifer Regan is an Australian Designer better known for her distinctive bridal and red carpet creations. Her formal training in fashion, costume design and couture techniques has seen her work featured in movies, theatre and on as many red carpets as they have on real brides. We get a sneak peek inside Jennifer’s world and discover what influences her work, her passions, her authentic approach to design and how she started her eponymous showroom in Newtown, Sydney.


What originally made you want to become a fashion designer?

I’ve always had a strong appreciation for beautiful forms and a strong desire to create. Choosing to become a fashion designer was a natural choice for me.

How did you come to set up your brand?

After completing my studies in design, I spent some time working for local fashion brands. During this time, I also started designing and selling my clothes at the markets and opened a pop-up store in Sydney, whilst also stocking my clothes in small local boutiques. Due to the success and loyal following I received from my pop-up business, it wasn’t long before I had made just enough to open my Newtown showroom in January 2000.


How would you describe your approach to design?

With each story, I start by thinking about a female persona. I ask myself who I would want to wear this, what is her body type, where is she going, what’s the theme… From there, through a flurry of organised chaos a concept is born and the end result is my collections and the various interpretations of looks that I’ve created for her. In such a competitive industry how do you try to ensure you’re always in demand? I work hard, remain true to my design aesthetic whilst making sure that I’m aware
of current trends.

Who / what has been the biggest single influence on your way of thinking?

My husband Steve, he’s always seeking fun and has a great belief in the good in people. He makes me take time out from work for fun and keeps me calm and reassured when I get overwhelmed by the unrelenting work pressures, and my sensitivity to my work environment and the people around me.


What would you say is your strongest skill?

Determination and persistence. I love being hands on and having the creative ability to craft the patterns for my designs, I feel it consolidates my design vision.

What type of styles or genres do you enjoy working on the most and why?

I’m a real fan of the latter end of the 1920’s and early 1930’s bias cut silhouette, I love the way it gracefully skims a woman’s figure. My design aesthetic is minimalism, clean lines, elegance, soft drape and movement, this style encompasses all.

What has been the most satisfying collection/project that you have worked on to date?

I was recently commissioned to design intricately embellished Middle Eastern costumes for an upcoming, yet to be released Australian movie. It was enjoyable working to a specific brief for a change, rather than the ones I give myself.


What are you passionate about besides your work?

Family, good health and exercise

Do you have any superstitious beliefs or rules that you live by?

I believe in Karma

What’s the best piece of advice you have heard?

Be true to yourself, you only have one life to lead.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you were 18?

Nothing really, and I probably would’ve answered this question very ifferently 10 years ago. I guess with time I’ve come to accept that I am a product of my dreams and my life experiences, I am learning and venturing one step closer to my destinations every day. But hey, I wish I could look like I was 18 forever…

What’s your personal motto?

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

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Images from top: 1. Madison – Love & Lace Collection 2. Zahara – Love & Lace Collection 3. Harper- Love & Lace Collection  4. Actress in Jennifer Regan Middle Eastern Bridal costume 

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