Introducing Calleija Couture Collection

Introducing Calleija Couture


In a word, it is a difficult task to describe the new Calleija Couture collection without grossly misrepresenting its beauty and allure. Ironically it is when our own words fail us that a piece of the Calleija Couture collection is of most value, because nothing can better say ‘I love you’ than one of the exquisite creations below.

This sparkling new collection valued at $6 million dollars and designed by John Calleija himself exhibits the same extreme attention to detail that we have come to know and love in Calleija jewellery. “Calleija Couture is the result of a full year of craftsmanship and design in the making. It’s really wonderful to see my creations come to life. Each one is unique and one of a kind which our clients really love,” says John Calleija. The exclusive jewellery collection is proof that you can not rush perfection with some of the pieces alone involving over 100 hours of careful work by Calleija’s master craftsmen. Calleija Couture celebrates diamonds and gemstones of the highest quality; it is the epitome of statement jewellery.






Mon Reve


From top – bottom: Arabella, Arc De Lumiere, Aveline, Cristal, Eclat Monsieur, Empress, Evangeline, Fleur Rose, Florentine, La Bella Donna, Magnifique, Mon Reve, Odara, Paradiso, Rhapsody, Violetta.

Check out the video of the new collection:

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