Luxury Wedding Style

Luxury Wedding Style


A wedding is an event designer’s dream – the opportunity to turn your memorable day into an unforgettable experience. Decorating a ceremony and reception venue requires a penchant for detail, a love of entertaining and exquisite taste of food and wine. Event designers leave nothing to chance as they bring together the very best in style and talent to create a wedding of insurmountable beauty.

Preston Bailey Flowers

The most memorable weddings reflect the lifestyle and personality of the bride and groom – the flowers, lighting and decorations serve to enhance the newlyweds. Celebrity event designer Preston Bailey recommends that when planning your wedding you should forget about the price tag. “Indulge yourself by thinking about what you would do if you had a limitless amount of money. Then, once you’ve thought about that, think practically about some cost-effective ways (they are out there) you can reach that goal.” Imagine your dream wedding with all the trimmings and go from there. Be inspired by the sumptuous events of millionaires and let your imagination be your style guide.


There are three aspects of your wedding that demand attention – flowers, lighting and table decoration. Lighting dictates the atmosphere of the ceremony and reception. While sunlight and starlight can create natural ambience, the allure of a log fire or hundreds of tea light candles automatically create charm. Magnificent candelabras and strategically placed lighting can emphasise the most beautiful aspects of your event.


However, we live in a technological age and if you are anything like Colin Cowie, an authoritative figure in event design, you will embrace recent lighting trends and create a dazzling spectacle at your reception.”With LED capability, a single instrument gives you the ability to create any color combination. Even better, I like the idea of using all battery operated lights with transmitters to allow a totally clean and cord free installation. With technology, you are only limited by your imagination.”


Traditionally the flowers in the bridal bouquet were also the decoration for the ceremony and reception. International trends are moving towards an array of colour and flower varieties to make a clear distinction between the ceremony and reception. Some couples are planning after-parties so their guests can party till dawn – another opportunity to splurge on beautiful blooms.

Indeed, a luxurious reception can be imaginatively achieved on any budget. While awe-inspiring lights may inspire you, it is the reception tables that require the most careful attention. Their visual appeal is paramount to creating a beautiful space. Firstly, bring to mind the reception venue. Recent trends have seen different shaped tables throughout the room with the dance floor being the focal point. Magnificent floral arrangements are popular as centerpieces but ornate crystal wear, candles and beautiful linens ensure the details have been attended to. Some couples are choosing to use vintage cutlery and crockery to add an element of old-world charm to each setting.


Luxury Weddings got in touch with professionals in the business for some stylish ideas, advice and trend predictions:

UK based event designer Mark Niemierko suggests the following luxury ideas: Hire large vintage mirrors and have a calligrapher write your wedding menu on them in white paint, involve your guests – ask them to send in a DJ request with their RSVP card, ask your makeup artist to stay behind until the evening dancing with an assistant or two to offer ‘Makeup Touch-up Bars’ – ensuring your female guests look their best all day/night long. If you’re having an outdoor ceremony on a hot summer day? – have your Order of Services printed on fans to keep the ladies cool.

Anthony Del Col, famous Australia-wide for his inspiring visions and breathtaking wedding styling advises couples to keep their canvas neutral. “Use lots of beautiful floral arrangements to bring your colours through. Also suspended ceiling decorations such as chandeliers and floral structures have become an elegant addition to a reception,” says Del Col.


The team at Your Event Solution recommend dedicated spaces, separate to the main area, such as lounges, bars and purpose-built stations like dessert, cocktail or candy buffets. “These will remain high on the must-have list, while the little details will still be key in creating a polished overall look.”


Nathalie Green of Pillingers Hiring Service sees parks and gardens becoming the biggest venue craze. “An exquisite location with panoramic views, or stunning surrounds is likely to be snapped up quickly! Brides are really taking advantage of the great outdoors.” The Pillingers Team has also noticed that elegance is back. And so is the white wedding!


Looking to the next 12 months, Carly Laczko of CL Weddings says she’s excited about the return of luxurious style. “We are looking at a big return to luxe!” she smiles. “We’ll still be seeing an abundance of flowers and personal details, however I truly believe that luxurious fabrics and stylish decor will always be on trend.”


Be inspired by the weddings of others but when planning your own remember that personal is always memorable.

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