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The most recent developments in wedding cinematography have come about mostly as a result of improved technology. 35mm sensor cameras, like the ones photographers use, are now able to shoot incredibly high quality film. Combined with improvements in professional lenses, this now means the imagery from your wedding can look like it’s straight out of a Hollywood feature film.

Wedding cinematography is a separate craft to videography, where a high level of technical skill and storytelling techniques meet. “It’s not all about picture quality,” says wedding cinematographer Abraham Joffe of Untitled Films. “What’s important is the story that’s told. Much like when you see a film at the cinema, it doesn’t matter how wonderful the special effects are, if the story isn’t interesting, the $100 million dollar budget is irrelevant.”

It’s the people, story and plot that are important. Now, not only can you have a record of your wedding day, but a cinema quality film that tells the story of who you are. Untitled Films make a point of meeting with couples beforehand to start the process of getting to know them on a personal level. “It’s at these meetings that little details start to emerge,” says Abraham. “Passions, beliefs, interests and anecdotes. This is where we start to find each couple’s unique story.”

Watch some Untitled Films creations:

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Image Credits: Photography Phao Photography

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