Royalty, Riches & Romance – Couture Wedding Gowns

Royalty, Riches & Romance – Couture Wedding Gowns


Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occassion and you deserve to wear the perfect dress. Why not indulge in an exquisitely crafted, one-of-a-kind gown, designed especially for you? For more on couture gowns click here.


Gown Velani by Nicky Accessories Bill Hicks Jewellery Design
Shoes Cinderella Bella


Gown (Left) Rhonda Hemmingway Couture Accessories Autore Gown (Right) Lora Eliss Headpiece & Gloves Lora Eliss Earrings Bill Hicks Jewellery Design


Gown Karen Willis Holmes  Necklace Autore Earrings & Ring Bill Hicks Jewellery Design Suit Carbone Custom Made Clothiers – Master Tailors

Wedding-Dress-Left-Emoda-Couture-Wedding-Dress-Right-Basilica-CoutureGown (Left) Emoda Couture Accessories Bill Hicks Jewellery Design Gown & Earrings (Right) Basilica Couture Ring Bill Hicks Jewellery Design

Gown (Left) Peter De Petra Accessories Autore Suit & Shoes Carbone Custom Made Clothiers – Master Tailors  Gown (Right) Judith Valente Bridal Couture Accessories Bill Hicks Jewellery Design

Wedding-dress-left-Mary-Ioannidis Couture-Wedding-Dress-Right-Catherine-R-Couture

Gown (Left) Mary Ioannidis Couture Accessories Autore Gown & Accessories (Right) Catherine R Couture

Photography Justin Aveling  Stylist Rosemary Slade Stylist’s Assistant Kathryn Kessler Creative Director Kimberlee Kessler Hair Stylist Paula Hibbard, The Art of Hair  Makeup Artist Julie Elton with M.A.C  Accessories Autore  & Bill Hicks Jewellery Design  Shoes Cinderella Bella  Location Ruby Rabbit, Sydney

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