Swept Away – Couture Wedding Dresses

Swept Away – Couture Wedding Dresses


Luxury Weddings Couture Wedding Dresses

Take your beau by the hand and set sail into the wild blue yonder. Create fresh, relaxed elegance with soft fabrics and bold embellishments. Make sure he’s looking just as haute as you, in crisp cotton and linen suits. Love, ho!

Our Swept Away shoot featured in the last edition of Luxury Weddings magazine, but in case you missed it – here it is! The best thing about couture wedding dresses – they don’t go out of season. If there is something you love contact the designer listed below and that dream dress is yours! While a couture wedding dress designer has a certain style, their skill is making a dress that is unique to you, so you can be sure they’ll create something you love.

Lilli Marcs Couture Wedding DressBizzaro Bridal Couture Wedding DressRhonda Hemmingway Couture Wedding DressDiane Lewis Bridal Couture Wedding DressAlana Aoun Couture Wedding DressCroce & Colosimo Couture Wedding DressAzzaria Haute Couture Wedding DressesLora Eliss Couture Wedding DressesKaren Willis Holmes Couture Wedding DressesMark Holt Bridal Couture Wedding Dress

Photographer Justin Aveling  Stylists Kimberlee Kessler & Rosemary Slade Hair Stylist Paula Hibbard, The Art of Hair  Makeup Artist Julie Elton using M.A.C Shot on board The Penguin 67′ Lunstroo Staysail Schooner, Sydney Harbour

Couture Wedding Dresses and Accessories from top: 1. Wedding Dress by Emoda Couture, Headpiece by Viktoria Novak, Groom’s Attire by T.M. Lewin 2. Wedding Dress by Lilli Marcs, Grooms Attire by T.M. Lewin 3. Wedding Dress by Bizzaro Bridal Couture, Earrings and Necklace (worn as bracelet) by Zappacosta Jewels 4. Wedding Dress by Rhonda Hemmingway, Earrings by Viktoria Novak 5. Wedding Dress & Earrings by Diane Lewis, Ring by GS Diamonds, Groom’s Attire by T.M. Lewin 6. Wedding Dress by Alana Aoun, Accessories by Viktoria Novak, Groom’s Attire T.M. Lewin 7. Wedding Dress by Croce & Colosimo Couture, Accessories by Zappacosta Jewels 8. Wedding Dress by Azzaria Haute Couture, Headpiece by Teeki 9. Wedding Dress & Headpiece by Lora Eliss Couture 10. Wedding Dress by Karen Willis Holmes, Earrings by Zappacosta Jewels, Headpiece by Teeki 11. Wedding Dress by Mark Holt Bridal Couture, Earrings by Zappacosta Jewels, Rings by GS Diamonds, Groom’s Attire by T.M. Lewin

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