The Allure of Couture

The Allure of Couture


A couture wedding gown is more than the ultimate fashion purchase. It is a fashion experience. When a bride sits with a designer in her atelier and witnesses an idea become a sketch, a sketch become a silhouette, a silhouette become a bespoke wedding gown, she knows, only then, the wonder and beauty imbued in couture. 


Haute Couture is a French term meaning ‘high fashion’ or referring to a garment created with only the very best fabrics and embellishments, handmade by only the most experienced couturiers, especially for a specific person or occasion. A couture wedding gown is made to order, to your exact measurements and requests.

When you hire the services of a couturier, you can expect the very best service and finished garment. At your first consultation, the designer will sit with you to discuss your requirements, the style of gown you like, any materials you have in mind and what kind of finishes and embellishments you’re looking for. Bridal couturiers are experts at creating a style to suit your unique body shape, concealing any flaws and flattering your best assets.

Expect to try on several samples, it will help you to get an idea of what suits you, what type of gown will be suitable for the style of your wedding and the time of day. Couturiers are likely to also try and get a feel for your personality, so they can design a dress that suits you perfectly. You may not like everything about a sample, but remember a couturier can take pieces from each gown and craft something completely new. You’ll discuss fabric, fit, finishes, silhouette and embellishments with your couturier.

At your second fitting you’ll be able to try a toile, or test garment, that has been made of your gown. A toile is usually made of linen to give you and the couturier an idea of what the finished product will look like. All the major adjustments will be made and then transferred onto the pattern before the fabric is cut. During the next visit, your couturier will fit the outer shell of the gown and, at a following fitting, the lining will be added and the hem marked.

By the final fitting, your gown will be almost finished, aside from any beading, buttons and finer details. At this fitting you’ll schedule the pick-up date, where your gown will be completely finished, pressed and ready to wear. Couturiers ensure that your gown is ready in plenty of time, to allow for any last minute adjustments.

Couturiers are not just dressmakers or seamstresses. They are fashion designers with years of experience. The difference between a couture gown and a gown made by a dressmaker is much like the difference between having your portrait taken by a master photographer, who has an artistic eye, a flair for direction and lighting and knows how to enhance your best features and having it taken by someone who knows how to operate a camera.

When you indulge in a genuine bridal couture gown, you’re not just paying for a designer’s name on the label. Bridal couturiers are experts in their craft, and they use every technique, skill and all their experience, not to mention their creative genius, to make your one-of-a-kind gown absolutely perfect. After all, your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion and you deserve to have the gown you’ve always dreamed of, expertly crafted, fitted and finished by the very best in the business. And that is the allure of couture.

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