The Wedding Car

The Wedding Car


Luxury Weddings are distinguished by their attention to detail and the way you arrive is just as important as the destination.


Choosing your wedding car is about choosing more than a means from A to B. The right car is the ultimate complement to your wedding day style so it’s important to consider it as carefully as you would any other wedding detail. Traditionally the groom is responsible for booking the wedding day transport, and why not? Most grooms will relish the opportunity to research and inspect luxury cars, but before you send him out be clear about what you both envisage on the day.

Luxury Weddings strongly recommends hiring your wedding cars. Professional hire car companies offer more than a car and it is these extras that make the day run smoothly. Most car companies will provide ribbons for the car, red carpet for arrivals and departures, umbrellas, drinks and nibbles as well as trained chauffeurs who are on hand to serve you. Professional hire cars also come in fleets so you’ll be able to match the cars for the entire bridal party, adding an overall sense of unity and consistency.

Before you decide on a particular car consider your wedding style, the size of your bridal party and the practicalities. If you’re hosting a traditional white wedding with all the trimmings then consider a classic car such as a Rolls Royce, Bentley, Daimler or Jaguar.  Vintage cars are a perfect choice for romantics, while limousines offer a sleek ride for modern brides. Alternatively you may consider a contemporary luxury car like a Mercedes, Ferrari or Maserati for a glamourous wedding or for a little bit of fun look to a Cadillac, Buick or Mustang. The key is to consider your overall wedding style and theme, a pink hummerzine may look a little out of place in front of St. Mary’s Cathedral, but brilliantly suited to an arrival at Crowne Casino.

The size of your bridal party will also inform your final decision. A stretch limousine will accommodate a large bridal party well while a smaller bridal party may fit nicely in a collection of Porsches. Don’t forget the practical details. A Harley Davidson may look great, but if your wedding gown has a long train and five layers of tulle it’s probably not a good idea to arrive on two wheels. Vintage cars are generally slower than modern cars so if you opt for one of these then you’ll need to account for some extra travel time. Think about the weather, if you’re getting married in the peak of summer then you’ll want a car with air conditioning – practical details will vary, but they should not be overlooked.

Start looking at wedding cars well in advance, as the best cars will often book out quickly. Ensure you look around and actually sit in the car so you get a feel for what it will be like on the day. We recommend the following professional car hire companies to get you started:

Roll Up In A Rolls

HF Wedding & Hire Cars

Impressive Limousines

Sydney Mustangs

Experience style and luxury on your wedding day by beginning with a memorable arrival in the car of your dreams!

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